K.R.A.Z.Y tournament announced


K.R.A.Z.Y tournament is the first official tournament in BandMaster Global, held by BandMaster Global staff team and open for everyone to enter. K.R.A.Z.Y tournament is held to celebrate the game’s 1st year anniversary.

The registration will be open for 1 week, from 24 Aug to 31 Aug 2020.


Based on the number of registrants, we will divide players into separated group with chosen seed 1 and 2 of each group. Seed 1 and 2 of each group will be chosen based on Global Rank of that player. If there are not enough information about players, then we will scatter the player into groups randomly.

The group stage will be held in SOS mode, each group consists of maximum 6 players and will compete in 3 different songs. They will be ranked by score. Score of the player will be ZERO if the player fail to survive the song.

After the group stage, each group will be chosen randomly to against each other, 1st seed of one group will face against 2nd seed of the other group. They will play 5 songs and the winner will be chosen using Best of 5.


Winner of the tournament prize:

1st: 365 days Noteskin + 90 days BMPremium + 2020 K.R.A.Z.Y Championship title

2nd: 90 days BMPremium + 30 days Noteskin

3rd: 30 days BMPremium

4-6th: 15 days BMPremium

Anyone who participate in the event will have 2020 K.R.A.Z.Y participant title and will be sponsored for BMP + noteskin throughout the tournament.


Registration is closed.

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